EUCA Korea Barista Qualification Association to Third Generation Coffee Trends Reflecting Changing Consumption Patterns!

The European Universal Coffee Association is a non-profit global association that represents thousands of coffee professionals built on the basis of openness, inclusiveness and shared knowledge, from producers worldwide to baristas.

The association, launched to enhance the development and quality of the coffee industry worldwide, seeks to build and analyze information on the coffee industry through comprehensive research, improve barista, cuffing, and expand the market for high-end coffee.

We strive to enhance the continued growth of the coffee industry, professional book publishing, management consulting, and seminar, and to enhance the core competencies required for the specialization and globalization of the coffee industry through cooperative partnerships that positively affect the cultivation of the best coffee leaders and the overall coffee supply chain.

EUCA KOREA strives to become a guide for people who form a professional cooperative community with the global growth of coffee culture by promoting cultural and economic exchanges in the global coffee industry.