• 1) As a rule, applications should be applied by 5 days prior to the approval date after registering on the Internet.
  • 2) No bankbook deposit is available for the application fee. You can pay immediately when you register online. You must complete the test application by the payment.
  • 3) How to check in and print the exam table
    • The test number check and test table output can be accessed and logged in to the website of this association after the closing date of the application and printed out at [My Page]-[Test Receipt Details].
  • 1) You cannot change your personal information after receiving a test. If you want to modify your personal information, you must cancel and reapply it.
  • 2) Click on the "Receive test for a round" button by clicking on the "Receive test for a barista qualification test" menu for an online application to display a window and allow the exam to close early. Closed exam sheets are not found in the reception desk.
  • 3) Even if the examiner was searched upon receipt, the examiner selected during the payment process may be closed, and the payment and application will be automatically cancelled immediately after the payment is completed.
  • 4) If the deposit is not made by the closing date, the application will be automatically cancelled due to the automatic expiration of the deposit due to the deposit deadline. Further deposit will never be possible.
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